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released October 3, 2014

All songs written, recorded and mixed by PRSNL TAPES.
Mastering: Nicola Demarinis

Cover: Louis Crevier



all rights reserved


PRSNL TAPES Paris, France

Michaël Destouches

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Track Name: Get your freedom
Get your freedom:

You turn this mess into a rule
it's all you gotta do
to bring your nation down with you
You're such a tease
it's all you ever do
i don't belong in here with you

Youth's fading out
from my eyes to my hurting knees
Half way sure
that i won't get old
but with my enemies i'll rest in peace

And the rhythm goes
far down on the fields
it gets kind of natural for us to be silent
and erupt when we need it

I'm on my way to hide from the ghosts
it burns from the bottom of my heart to my bones
even after praying all night long

You are part of all my damn troubles in here

Previous times matter they watch from space
they warn us out
Previous times matter they judge from space
don't let me down

Fuck all the people who tell you to wait
coz the freedom you want is too far from today

Don't be anxious boy
feel the ambush

Get your freedom

How did i get so neat
and boring and numb and beyond
All those products i need
to fit in and bound and beyond
How did i get so cheap
with friendship and goals and beyond
How do i get just free
Dang it
Track Name: Pile of remains
Pile of remains:

From one lonely man to another
you were born to be free
Step off the line get off your knees
Stop wasting time with all your songs

From one bitter man to another
you'd be better off your leash
Your time is up, you can't compete
It's how it goes, you're on your own

Born from a pile of remains
Lost into time
Will the action begin

And i don't need to be someone
I don't need to succeed
I just want to be free
and complete anything i can before myself ain't no more

I won't take any shit from no one anymore
get it
Track Name: Modern socialist
Modern socialist:

Criminals before my eyes
Its been like this for awhile
Those socialists got scared of fights its sad

There's no fucking chance
You're just creating fate
Remember the time we fought this master plan

I knew from the second you got the devil on your side
You would be first in line to profit of all their crimes

It's hurting in a way
way beyond my tears
This target on my back
did i ask for it

And the war is the same
but there is no frontier
and the crowd is aware

Our bodies get old indeed
It's like our lives don't mean a thing
You thrive and
we're enslaved through massive bills

I scream too much
I know i curse
This necessity to be heard

I try to be different
I thought you were different
I knew from the time you were king you're not different

And i'll fight all the way
till you beg your knees (mercy)
to all the people you fooled in your race to profit

So now that it's just you and i
it's been everything but fine
Our dream's gone we'll wait for awhile
till the system blasts
When did we become this sad

And this war
it ain't about frontiers
but you know...
Track Name: Stolen

Hoping for this day
to, somehow, turn different
All or nothing
it's always the same
You make your way
with no one else knowing
you're here

You take your own highway
You build your own memories
you're here

Learning for so long
to be patient in silence
More divided we are, they succeed
so make your way
being sure someone's caring
you're here

I took my own highway
I'll build some new memories
I'm here for now on

And if there is nothing you want
then stop buying something you hate
You need to take yourself away
and start your war

And if this is nothing you want
then stop being something u hate
Please take me somewhere with you
let's start this war

Losing a friend
is like voting for Hollande
Wish you didn't and the pain still affects you
In a way
you know you've been stolen

Enough of your sermons
Enough of your laws
If you worked for your people we'd know
and by the way
we know you've been lying
for years

Losing yourself to the beat
and concept a place to build
the peace you want to deserve
losing yourself to the beat
and concept a place to be
a place you can call home

We know they've been stealing
but no one is moving
for years. We know now.

But while we have memories
there will be some judges
for you